Savory French Toast

French toast !!! Does that mean sweet to you ? Well for me it’s Savory and yummy. I do have to confess though that I have NEVER tried a sweet French toast I don’t know why I mean just never ever made it I guess does it taste good ? I mean sure it does …. But this French toast is a Savory one and its perfect for when you want something different and the best part is you can build on the flavors




20131016-221434.jpg I know looking at the images it feels like I m making it for a army or something but all of my folks like it so much I m giving you the recipe which serves 1-2

2-3 eggs
1 presses garlic clove
1 small green or red chilli (add more if you like it spicy)
3 tbsp milk
Chopped coriander/cilantro (I just eye ball it, if you like cilantro a lot then add lots if not add just according to liking)
Salt according to taste
5-6 slices of bread ( use whichever you love I have used the good old slice bread )

Crack the eggs into a mixing bowl.Whisk.Add garlic,chopped chilli,milk,cilantro and salt.
Heat a pan with a little oil in it , you can use butter. Dip a bread slice into the egg mixture but don’t make it extremely soggy esp. if using slice bread it may break easily.Put the dipped slice in the pan fry on each side for 3 mins and you are done. Serve it with some ketchup my bro likes it that way.

You can serve it r breakfast or if you are like me eat it at lunch or dinner šŸ™‚

Are you trying this recipe ? Have you got a savory French toast recipe ? Share with me


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